Thursday, January 20, 2011

Copy music from an IPod to iTunes (Mac OS X)

I recently picked up a new iPod Nano and needed to get music off my old iPod onto the new device. Unfortunately I also recently had a hard drive crash on the laptop that held my iTunes library. Here are the steps I used to pull music off my old iPod onto my new laptop and ultimately onto my new Nano. 
  1. Plug in the IPod you want to copy music from
  2. In iTunes, select your iPod from the left hand menu "Devices > Your iPod". Under "Options" check the box "Enable disk use"
  3. Open a new Finder Window and you should see your iPod listed under devices
  4. Navigate to "Your iPod > iPod Control"
  5. Copy the Music folder to your drive. Let it finish.
  6. The Music folder needs to be "un-hidden" before you can import it into iTunes. Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder where you copied the Music folder. Run the following command to unhide Music
  7. $ chflags -R nohidden Music
    The folder should now be accesible in iTunes
  8. In iTunes select "File >  Add to Library"
  9. Select the Music folder
  10. Music from your iPod should now be copied to your library. When it's finished you can plug in a different iPod and sync your music.
Hope this helps.

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